George Connor (O: Rh positive)

Designer & web... person? practitioner? something...

I build things out of pixels, strings & words for screens & for printing on paper
Currently, I'm living in Wellington Nelson Greymouth Hokitika Golden Bay Nelson

If you'd like to contact me about something, your options include:

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Here's Some stuff I've been doing

Nelson City Council

At the beginning of 2014 the Nelson City Council launched a new look for it's existing website.
We kept the solid silverstripe foundation and built a new theme to bring mobile friendliness and better accessability to the party.

Most of the initial design work was done by my buddy, the crazy talented Sally. is the marketing site for a seriously useful pice of software called Groupserver.

Groupserver was created by my buddy Dan to solve a frustratingly obvious problem: email sucks for large groups of collaborators.
Rather than try to force a whole new way of working, Dan and his buddies have taken all the stuff thats great about email and built a suite of collabouration tools around what everyone does anyway.

It's pretty nifty.

The Peer Workforce Association

The PWA is an association for people who have first hand experience of what it means to live with mental distress. 
PWA members are using those experiences to help others lead fuller and more excellent lives.


Peerzone is a sweet set of peer-led courses and resources for people who are experiencing mental distress and coping with addiction. The module-based group programs are backed up by a website stocked with relevant resources and links.

I started on the project as a web developer working with the exceptionally talented Christopher Gingercat but soon ended up taking over the web design and then the graphic stuff as well.

Lucky for me, the peerzone crew are turbo crazy-awesome people to work with. I get to draw pictures of octopi, goldfish in space treasure maps and stuff like that.

623 Nelson

Working for 623 was a whole packet of fun. The brand strategy was relaxed and took itself just seriously enough to hold together. I worked on projects ranging from menus and mailouts all the way through to internal staff ID card while working at hothouse for these guys.


A fun bit of work for the Paparoa Wildlife Trust & The Department of Conservation. The brief was for a portable and engaging poster providing some basic facts about the Great Spotted Kiwi that could live either at the incredible Creche du bois Gentil or go on the road with DOC to schools and shows.


A selection of small drawings for another project not quite finished yet (shhhhhh) but they were soo cute I had to share.

Q: Hey! Where's the kiwi?
A: Too mainstream. I'm more into Pauropoda. You probably haven't head of them, they're pretty underground.


Catch-e build online systems for handling car fleets. Big car fleets. That's big fleets of normal sized cars and ALSO fleets of trucks which are really just the biggest sort of car you can get without including boats.

Wicked Edge

Wicked edge is the umbrella for the prolific entrepreneur Paul Steiglbaur. We've done all kinds of stuff, probably most notably Ohakune's fallout festival, 4 Thames st venue, Aerial FM and countless other little posters and one-offs.


Ohtel is a trendy boutique hotel in Wellington. Seriously, if you are in the capital you should go and have a look at this place. It's a work of interior design art.

I had the pleasure of designing and building while working for Hothouse in Nelson.

Fish & Game

I was one half of a devlopment team that built in what can only be described as record time. Most of the design credit goes to Sally McDonald who's website I did design because... you know... irony or something.

Offcuts and things

This is a collection of things that don't belong to any particular client or project, are one-offs, or for whatever reason, never saw the light of day.